The Best Casino Signup Bonus Selection!

Almost every player that has ever gambled online will be aware that each casino site operating will offer some type of sign up bonus that is used to attract new players and get them to create a real money account. These bonuses offer many benefits to new players as they can instantly boost the amount that is available for use on games and will also offer more ways for players to win. Casino sign up bonuses do vary per site and some casinos will offer a single bonus when an initial deposit is made, while others will have a welcome package, where multiple deposits will benefit from a bonus.

Rank Casino Rating Bonus Review
1 Moon Games £500 Review
2 Thrills Casino £200 Review
3 Total Gold Casino £10 No Deposit Review
4 Wicked Jackpots £350 Review
5 Gala Casino £400 Review

Casino sign up bonuses are specifically designed to draw in new players and gain attention for the sites. Since there is great competition in the industry, online casinos often rely on these bonuses to be a main attraction for any new player. Casinos want to attract those players that will continue to return to the site and make future deposits to an account. With sign up bonuses, players will benefit from an easy way to get some great amounts of free money, so they are a great way to get started playing online.

How Do Casino Signup Bonuses Work?

Sign up bonuses are presented to new players who are joining an onion casino site and they are offered as an incentive for making a real money deposit. Players must choose a supported payment method at the site, make a deposit and then redeem the offered bonus. There are different types of welcome bonuses that are offered and they each have various benefits that will appeal to all types of players.

Casino sign up bonuses are only available to new players, those that have not had a real money account at the casino in the past. These bonuses can only be redeemed when making initial deposits and cannot usually be redeemed multiple times. However, there are some online casinos that offer unlimited welcome bonuses, those that can be redeemed more than one time in a specific time period after registering a new account.

Different Types of Sign Up Bonuses

With online casinos, there are two different types of sign up bonuses that are both deposit bonuses. These include a fixed rate bonus and a percentage offer. Both of these can offer amazing rewards to the new player and most players will find that the majority of online casinos operating will offer a percentage bonus. This is a simple bonus that offers free money based on the amount of the deposit that is made. Most percentage bonuses offer a 100% match up to a certain amount, allowing players to instantly double the amount of money that is in their account.

A fixed rate bonus does not depend on the amount of the deposit and will offer a flat amount to the player, no matter how much they are adding to their account. The downfall to this is for those that are adding large amounts of money to a new account. Instead of benefitting from a percentage of the deposit, players will just get a flat amount as a bonus. These bonuses are best redeemed by those that are making a minimal deposit.

In addition to the two mentioned deposit bonuses, many online casinos are also offering a neo deposit bonus. This is generally a small bonus that awards players with a set amount of money, typically between £5 and £25. This money can be used to preview the site and place real money wagers on some of the games that are supported. These bonuses have become very popular and are featured at most major casinos. The goal is to present players with free money that can be instantly used at no risk. With a no deposit bonus, players are not required to add any funds to an account nor are they obligated to remain playing at the casino after the bonus has been redeemed. No deposit bonuses do have strict requirements if players to wish to continue playing and will require the player to make a real money deposit to clear the bonus and benefit from any monies that have been won using the bonus cash.

Casino Sign Up Bonus Terms and Conditions

While sign up bonuses are very attractive and they are a great tool used to draw in new players, there are terms and conditions to the bonuses that should be understood by every player. These terms are stated on the promotions page and will provide players with the information needed to clear the bonus and benefit from the free money. The terms and conditions will vary per casino, so it is important to always be aware of these before redeeming ant presented offer. One of the key things to learn about is the wagering requirements for the bonus. Wagering requirements state the amount of money that has to be wagered on games before any winnings generated from bonus money can be removed from an account.

In addition to wagering requirements, most casinos will limit the games that can be played using welcome bonus money. The majority of casinos will allow the money to be used on slots, keno or scratch cards, but will seldom allow players to wager on table and card games or video poker machines.

Choosing the Best Sign Up Bonuses

With so many casino sites operating, players need to know how to spot the best bonus offers. Many new players make the mistake of choosing an online casino based on the size of the welcome bonus. While this can offer more free money, it can also be costly. The best thing to do is compare a few bonus offers and always read the terms and conditions. The best bonuses are those that offer the most amount of money with tee lowest wagering requirements. In some cases, it is better to redeem a bonus for a lower amount of free cash and have a lower play through requirement, allowing players to clear the bonus faster and enjoy what has been won.